What It Takes to Run a Successful Photography Business

If you’re a photographer or a photography marketer, listen up! I sat down with one of the most successful photographers in Atlanta, Andy Brophy who gives us the inside scoop about his daily workflow, specific goals he has for scaling his business, and what it takes to win in the industry.

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Are you asking questions like, “What gear should I buy”, “How do I find good light in a shoot”, or “How do I write a proposal”? For the first time, Andy is taking several students under his wing to mentor so they can confidently run a thriving photography business.

Is that person you? If so, learn more about his program, here


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Courtney is a news anchor turned social media manager & content creator.
She loves educating her followers on successfully growing a business, the power of developing a flexible schedule, and mental health.

Winter Skin Care Routine for Acne and Inflammation

As beautiful as winter is, it can be pretty brutal on our skin. Pair that with some seasonal allergies and you could wind up with a dry, flaky, and inflamed face. Fortunately, there are several skincare products that can help quench your skin’s thirst and eliminate inflammation.

Use a cleansing oil


During the dry months, try replacing your typical face wash with a cleansing oil. Many face washes contain alcohol which can strip your skin of it’s natural moisture when removing dirt, oil, and makeup.

Cleansing oils will still remove makeup and impurities. However, it will not strip your skin of it’s natural moisture.

Kopari’s Coconut Cleansing Oil is a great option because its key ingredients are coconut oil (which hydrates), green tea oil (which soothes skin), rice bran oil (which deep cleans and hydrates), and camellia seed oil (which moisturizes, softens and protects skin from harmful exposures).

Tone it up!


For those who are more prone to acne, I recommend using a toner after you’ve oil cleansed. Even though added oil is a very good thing in the dry season, it can be a breeding ground for acne causing bacteria. Toners can help balance that issue and remove any remaining dirt from your pores.img_4607

I use Mary Kay’s Clearproof Blemish Control Toner with a cotton pad rather than a cotton ball. I put a dime size amount of toner on the pad and work it around my face in a circular motion. Cotton balls are great for applying toner but the pads picks up the remaining dirt on your skin.



After you’ve toned your skin, it’s important to bring some hydration to it. If you started your routine with a cleansing oil, you won’t need much moisturizer to get the job done.

Kopari’s Coconut Face Cream is my current go-to due to the fact that it helps with not only hydration, but inflammation. You can use this morning, day, night, or all three. This particular cream has antioxidants and fatty acids in it to help strengthen skin while giving it a more youthful appearance. It also helps promote collagen production – which declines as we get older.

A good eye balm


For those that deal with face inflammation due to allergies, a good eye balm can help decrease the puffiness you see under your eyes and around your cheekbones. Eye balm is a step we overlook until we really need it. The good news is, that’s when we see the most results from it.

Kopari’s Starry Eye Balm delivers a dose of caffeine to help de-puff, illuminate, and refresh tired eyes. So how does caffeine help with inflammation? As we get older, we tend to increase production of an inflammatory molecule called adenosine. A new study found that caffeine helps block adenosine production resulting in less inflammation.

Treat yourself to a detox mask


If you can spare to give yourself 10-15 minutes, I promise it can be worth it for your skin. If you find yourself saying, “I really don’t have time to do a face mask,” block out 15 minutes on your calendar to do so. You and your skin are worth that.

Knowing I’m investing specific time into myself, I want to make sure the product I’m using is worth while. That is why I go for safe, chemical free masks. The new detox mask by Kopari has no silicones, sulfates, parabens or GMOS.

A little bit of this mask goes a long way and it leaves your skin tingling in the best way possible. It also has two detoxifying clays in it which help pull impurities out of pores. It also contains plant based probiotics that calm inflammation and super foods that give essential nutrients back to the skin.

I planned on only using this mask once a week, but that quickly changed to at least 3 times a week due to the results I saw and felt. I put this as the second step of my skincare routine – right before I moisturize.


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Courtney is a news anchor turned social media coordinator & content creator.
She loves educating her followers on social trends, skincare, wellness, and home improvement.  


IG Stories Are 2019’s ‘Power-Up’ For Engagement

Do you ever feel like it’s a coin toss on whether what you post to Instagram that day will get the reaction you’re hoping for?

“Is my picture quality good enough?”
“Is my caption too long… too short…. too boring…. too intense?”
“Did I use enough hashtags… did I use too many hashtags?”

If you allow yourself, you can rack your brain for hours before ever hitting the share button.

Fortunately for all of us that like change, we’re in luck because the way we receive engagement on our personal and business pages is changing due to Instagram’s ever changing algorithm.

Keeping up with the algorithm

Before you tune this out because the word algorithm instantly makes your blood pressure rise, know it’s attainable to work with once you know how it works.

The easiest way to help understand what Instagram’s algorithm is doing is to observe what you’re seeing on your feeds and IG stories.

IG strives to make their site unique to you. So it stores the things you like, save, comment on and click. This is why every other video on my explore page is of Meghan Markle, #issues.


It doesn’t stop there though. IG now strives to guess what you’re interested in before you ever show interest. tenorBased on your previous behavior, it will pick content similar to what you’re accustomed to liking and analyze what it is about a post that you like.

Finding your niche and creating an audience around that niche will help create a foundation for Instagram to use in your favor. If you constantly put content out there that your audience is accustomed to engaging with, Instagram will note that and show your post on more of your follower’s feeds.


When you post something to Instagram, the algorithm calculates how much your audience will like it based on how quickly it picks up traction. So, when IG decides to place your content on someone else’s feed, the question to ask is: is that person clicking on it, liking it, saving it or commenting on it? If the answer is YES, then the algorithm will categorize it as popular content and show it to more people. If the answer is no, then that is Instagram’s cue to replace your content with something more engaging. Nothing personal. It’s just the game.

A great way to help keep engagement up during the onset of a post is to be active when you initially post. When someone comments on your post, try to comment back quickly. Also, share your post in your own IG story to get more eyes on your content which can, in return, produce more engagement.


Instagram cares about who you care about. Meaning, it keeps tabs on the people you engage the most with and assumes your “friends” will continue engaging with your fresh content.

An easy way to create connectivity with specific followers is to like their posts, comment on their posts and tag them in your posts/stories. Chances are, they will do the same thing for you. Aw look at that, a digital friendship is born.

The power of the story

Now that you have the fundamentals of the algorithm, you can easily segue into capitalizing on your IG stories. In fact, I did a test for a week to show what stories did for my own page.

Below shows whether I posted an IG story, a regular post (or both) and the followers that resulted from it:

  • Wednesday: story, no post.
    5 new followers, total: 1,446
  • Thursday: story and post.
    17 new followers, total: 1,457
  • Friday: story, no post.
    3 new followers, total: 1,451
  • Saturday: story, no post.
    4 new followers, total: 1,455
  • Sunday: story, no post.
    4 new followers, total: 1,451
  • Monday: story, and post.
    13 new followers, total: 1,464
  • Tuesday: story, and post.
    6 new followers, total: 1,470
  • Wednesday: story, no post.
    31 new followers, total: 1,501

Total Growth: 55 New Followers

You can see that days I just posted an IG story, still resulted in growth. Of course people are into the “follow to unfollow” game so these stats reflect that. However, it doesn’t discount the power of the story.

What’s even better about these results is unlike your posts, people don’t care if your IG stories are doctored up. In fact, your followers actually prefer authentic videos/pictures in your stories. I simply posted what I was doing, put a hashtag and let Instagram’s algorithm do the rest.

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Courtney is a news anchor turned social media coordinator & content creator.
She loves educating her followers on social trends, skincare, and wellness. 




How Company Videos Can Boost Morale and Conversion Rates



I shot this holiday trivia video of Thomas Eye Group’s employees for internal and external purposes.

Need a way to engage employees, boost overall morale, and increase conversions and sales for your company? Try creating your own videos. 

Morale Booster 

When we think of company culture, we mainly focus on attracting those from the outside to buy-in on what’s going on inside. Let’s face it though, one bad apple can spoil the entire bunch. So, in order to help establish your company’s culture, your employees have to be convinced that the culture you are creating is authentic to what is actually going on. Videos that get people working together, showing success, or simply having fun is an easy way to increase overall morale.

Not only that, authenticity can be sensed through a camera. So if your employees aren’t buying it, neither will the majority of your customers.  


Potential customers can sniff out fake behavior from your company better than most reoccurring customers because they are not loyal to your brand…. yet. Videos can be a great tool to help break-down a buyer’s skepticism or hesitancy to your brand. Getting a sense of what it’s like behind the scenes can help potential buyers feel connected to your company before they make a purchase. 

Once that connection is there, it’s a lot easier to convert those potential buyers into customers. Also, where you put videos matters. Social media is king when it comes to engagement but for conversions, landing pages are a location where you can profit a great deal. Unbounce reports that including a video on landing pages can increase conversion by 80%.

I’d love to help your company take the next step it needs to built brand awareness and increase sales. If you’re interested in having a video produced for your business, leave a comment below – I’d love to work with you! 

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Courtney is a news anchor turned social media coordinator & content creator.
She loves educating her followers on most recent marketing and social trends.